Sins Of The Fallen

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I am Lust
I am Sin
I am The Fallen

Love can be beautiful
Love can be vile.
Demons and Angels indulge in the art with little consequence of its creation.
We take the stage with little hope in humanity...
We see the world for what it really is and burn along side with our true existence.

There is no such thing as perfection.
Happiness is an illusion.
Our race is masked and blinded by lies.

We are no more.
We are The Fallen.

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I’m done.

I can’t keep pretending anymore.


I gave up wishing… because I know what happens next.


This is all just a cruel twist of karma…
I will have to live to accept it but no matter what happens, I will bring the world down on others before it is brought down on me.
So just wait for the turn in your fate.



I wish I belonged… Some time, some place, some where… To someone.


I wish I wasn’t hear anymore.


I wish for once that someone would walk into my life, not having every intention to walk straight back out again.
Am I really that worthless to not deserve just one promise?
All I ever seem to be is anyone’s bit on the side or easy thrill…
I’m wondering if there is actually anyone out there who would walk into my life with every intention of sticking around.